Pho 88 is a family owned restaurant that offers a vast selection of authentic Vietnamese dishes. Our popular and delectable pho (beef noodle soup) is a must try! We also serve other appetizing dishes such as rice, stir-fried, rice vermicelli, egg and clear noodles, and vegetarian dishes. We offer a variety of drinks to quench your thirst from our most popular Vietnamese ice coffee with condensed milk to import beers and wine. Pho 88 is a great place to come in for lunch and/or dinner, and has a spacious dining area to host big events. We also offer catering services for special occasions.

Pho 88 has been featured in reviews from the Orlando Weekly, Gayot.com, Trip Advisor, Orlando Sentinel (2001), Orlando Chow and was awarded the Foodie Award in 2001 and 2002 for Best Vietnamese by the Florida Magazine.

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Pho 88 Mills


Pho 88 Mills

730 N Mills Ave, Orlando, FL 32803
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Gainesville, FL
Yelp Review

Pho 88 is a traditional Viet restaurant not only in the sense that it serves traditional Viet cuisine (which it certainly does) but it also has the trappings--for better or worse--in terms of service and atmosphere of an old-skool Viet restaurant. Central location in a "little Vietnam"? Check. Bright lights, attempts at poshness that are a bit worn on the edges, and floor-to-ceiling mirrors? Check. Inattentive waiters? Check. Vong co* music on the stereo? Check. All of this conspires to provide a beautiful, almost overwhelming, feeling of . . . if not quite going back in time, at least truly entering an enclave of an ethnic community. Aside from the slow and sometimes-indifferent service, it's a wonderful thing. What about the food? I had pho bo vien (pho noodle soup with beef meatballs) and my friend had pho ga (pho noodle soup with chicken). We both had spring rolls with grilled pork. Everything was very flavorful and the pho was served with ample accompanying sides including very fresh lime slices to flavor it to our tastes. The food came out promptly, however, once the pho was on the table the waiter disappeared. My friend said he "must have dissolved" because he seriously just vanished. I finally flagged down another waiter and implored his help because we had a show to catch over at Backbooth shortly. Finally, we got out of there. Don't come here if you're in a hurry, kids, just don't do it. Come for great food, but not if you're in a rush. *A word on vong co, the traditional Viet music I mentioned above: I'm a huge vong co fanboy and find it a shame it's not known like J-pop or K-pop are. Vong co is Viet-pop songs that combine traditional instruments and melodic progressions with somewhat-contemporary themes and lyrics but what really is awesome about it is, it comes from a theatrical tradition and is seriously, amazingly, over-the-top--not in a faux-dramatic Mexican soap opera sense, but in the level of musicianship and the long, six-minute-plus stemwinders of songs. Phi Nhung is a vocalist, songwriter, actress, and director who really has thrust vong co into what it is today. Vong co is worth checking out--at least pay attention if you hear wistful love songs while you're eating your pho.

Mike W.



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